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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  July 23, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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change. thanks for watching. that is our show for the day. you can find "the cycle" on facebook and find me at "now" is up next. two ukrainian jetliners shot down from russian territory. this is "now" live from washington, d.c. >> smoke, flames, charred wreckage once again. >> pro-russian rebels shot down two ukrainian fighter jets. leaders claiming responsibility. >> a new plane crash investigation is happening in the middle of a war zone. >> vladimir putin has the most influence, the most direct influence over these separatists. >> clearly a thuggish image in the mind of policymakers. >> the president is still going to have to lead on this issue. >> we've made very clear to the russians they need to deescalate
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the crisis. >> russia with 40,000 troops on the border. >> the community should really get outraged. >> europeans will feel a sense of change if for economic reasons they accept a barbaric act that shouldn't take place in the 21st century. >> there is bipartisan support for this administration to act alone without europe. >> this is not just about ukraine. this is one piece in a larger picture of what i hope will not become cold war 2.0. >> good afternoon i'm luke russert in for alex wagner. today's news that two ukraine jet fighters shot down by pro russia rebel serve as a stark reminder the mh 17 crash investigation is taking place in a volatile and active war zone. video by rebels, authenticity which has not been confirmed by nbc news appears to show wreckage of two ukrainian attack
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fighters seen here raising tensions even higher and ukrainian military spokesman said the jets were shot down by anti-aircraft missiles that may have been fired from russian territory. jets hit returning for air support from ukrainian ground troops fighting on the border. twelve miles from the crash site amid heavy fighting that has become around the stronghold donetsk and luhansk. it cut in half the amount of separatist held territory in the last five weeks. it's been part of a determined push by the government to reduce the amount of eastern ukraine under separatist control. today one separatist leader confirmed his men had retreated in the face of heavy fighting 30 miles from the crash fight and 30 fighters had been injured. the heavy fighting hasn't come without a cost. as of tuesday ukrainian military lost 280 troops in the conflict with another 780 wounded.
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at the same time civilians living in separatist held areas suffered from being in the firing line. "the new york times" reports 11 civilians killed last week by ukrainian bomb that fell short of a rebel base. the latest viktsz of the war claimed the lives of 500 innocents. of the war claimed the lives of 500 innocents. v of the lives of 500 innocents. i ofd the lives of 500 innocents. c of claimed the lives of 500 innocents. ti of the war claimed the lives of 500 innocents. m of the war claimed the lives of 500 innocents. s of the war claimed the lives of 500 innocents. . [ speaking foreign language ] >> and still there's been no sign of slowing down the advance. today's ukraine parliament approved a presidential decree calling for third mobilization men called up to serve in the armed forces. joining me now on the phone from donetsk, ukraine nbc's keir simmons. keir, i want to ask you, a lot of folks in the united states i feel have forgotten the magnitude of what's going on
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over there. the very active war zone. the city of donetsk being shelled and its citizens under fire. >> that's right. and that's been happening for sometime, as you know, luke. it's really the downing of mh 17 that put it back in the focus of the world. i have to say that's what's interesting is that while that focus has been on here, the place has been calmer, the region has been calmer than i have known it for quite sometime. and yet today the tension increased. it was markedly so. we tried to go to a town where u.s. intelligence believed that -- believed in a missile launcher fired at mh 17. we were stopped at a roadblock from going there. that's the first time it happened since i've been here on this trip. the militia hop stopped us told
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us he hasn't seen a missile lawmakerer. a few hours later those ukrainian jets are downed. they were flying at 17,000 feet, luke. that's high. that's remarkable high for that to be a weapon, a shoulder mounted weapon. it seems more likely it would be a more sophisticated weapon than that ukrainians feel it was fired from russian territory. those two planes downed close to mh 17 went down. so the question is what kind of technology are the russian separatists using to reach aircraft at that height and are they still using it even now? >> yeah, and where will it come from. nbc's keir simmons, thanks for your report and stay safe. joining me u.s. ambassador michael mcfall and u.s. white house correspondent peter barrack. ambassador mcfall, i want to start with you. the ramifications if these two
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ukrainian jets were actually shot down from within russia, what would that mean for the future of this escalation? >> well, of course, it hasn't been confirmed. i want to say that at the outset. if it did, indeed, come from russia, then russia is directly responsible. russia is directly fighting a war with ukraine. i think they already indirectly are, of course. and i think we need to make that clear. this is russian technology one way or the other. you don't go by this stuff on the streets in donetsk. i do think it's a major escalate ory step if it's prison they came out of the territory. >> rebel held territories, if you continue to see advances, do you think that changes putin's thinking especially how it pertains to the international stage? >> i think it does a little bit. it's going to force him to make
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a decision. how much is he really willing to risk in order to continue supporting the separatist. is he going to step in further. the shootdown of these two planes as the ambassador said that confirmed from russian territory may give usa clue in that direction. keep in mind, just a week ago, three days before the shootdown of the flight 17 malaysia airlines that a military transport was brought down and american intelligence has said they believe that missile was fired from russian territory. so there's already suggestions anyway russia is more directly involved even in simply supporting separatists if the ukrainian military continues to make advances it's going to force them to make a very critical decision soon. >> ambassador mcfall reading into this and talking to my sources on the hill, it seems folks in a separatist held area seems to be dug in for the long hall. russian tv is pumped in there every day.
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there is wide support among citizenry for the movement. there's a real distrust of kiev. they believe it to be a front, western backed front they do not like. from what we've seen now from the downing of the jet and resolute standing people have over there, is it possible to see a unified ukraine in the future and what would that look like? >> i believe it is, yes. many countries have been torn by civil war including our own and have recovered. but i do think you raise some important points about what could be done now to hasten that unification. there information we're going on. russia is spending millions of dollars framing this war and these tragedies in false ways. we need to be involved in that information campaign providing accurate information and help ukrainians to do that. secondly, the ukrainians have to be better equipped to win the hearts and minds campaign in
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eastern ukraine. the polling i've seen out of ukraine recently suggests they are slipping in terms of their support. we need to help equip them to do that, promising in the future some kind of economic assistance that when this is all said and done that ukraine is going to -- the government in kiev, i mean, will go to try to assist the reconstruction that's going to have to take place. those are steps one could do now. you don't have to wait for the war to end to do that. >> peter, so far we've seen $33 million in nonlethal aid from the u.s. go to ukraine to back up that government. i spoke to members of congress earlier in the week and there is an appetite for bipartisan funding for perhaps military operations in ukraine. do you see moving forward the possibility the u.s. could be involved in an all-out approximatel quarter, not only funding with nonlethal aid but perhaps weaponry if this keeps up. is that something president
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obama wants to be bogged down with the last two years of his presidency? >> it's a great question. luke, you're right. there are people on the hill, particularly republicans, others as well, who think arming ukrainian military is a proper response to what's going on. president obama doesn't want to do that. he has so far resist thad kind of thing. it's an escalatory move. the worry is more you empower ukraine the more they might take action toss make matters worse rather than better. having said that, president obama has evolved on this over time. initially didn't want to give them night vision goggles or flak jackets. they are now committed to doing that. if possible you could see changes in the days to come. >> ambassador mcfall, much has been made about the possibility you could see more sanctions come from the west but we have not seen germany top warfare
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that could really hurt russia. i've talked to you about this before over the last few months and continued circling around of warning for mr. putin. is there any chance they would move forward and be tougher in terms of economics or are they too dependent on russia and it's vast energy resources and financial resources? >> well, obviously the situation has gotten a lot worse in the last several days and even today perhaps, and i hope that is a moment of truth for our allies in europe. there's also maybe a moment of truth from putin to come. if you look at what he said yesterday he also has decided this is not worth it. i personally think that if he does not do something proactive to deescalate the west and including the obama administration acting unilaterally if they have to, they have to up the ante,
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there's just no other choice. i want to come back to what you were talking about with peter. >> sure. >> all the tanks focused on trying to change putin's mind with the decision. i think that needs to be one part of the strategy. the other part of the strategy has to be focused on ukraine and enhancing ukraine's capacity to secure its border, to develop its economy and win the hearts and minds in this civil war. those are things one can do that they don't need putin's approval to go forward with. >> peter, lets go real quickly to you to finish up. obviously as i mentioned before, there is some support in congress for arming these types of rebels. do you see long-term american support of ukraine as something the country really has an appetite for considering how war weary we are from the last few wars? >> there's no question the public doesn't engage in this the same way policymakers do in washington. polls so they don't want the president to get that involved. they don't think it's vital to
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american interest. the shootdown of the passenger jet may change some minds in that regard. it does demonstrate a wider impact simply in ukraine itself. you know, i think policymakers in washington recognize there is a long-term need here for helping ukraine stabilize itself. they have gone from one government to the other without any great success. if this new one in kiev also continues to flail and not be able to fix structural problems in the country, that is doomed to failure as well. there's a real desire in washington to prevent that from happening again. >> easy to talk about, hard to pay for. ambassador mcfaul and peter barrack from "new york times." thanks for talking to us. we appreciate it. after the break, israel and hamas exchange fire, raising the issue of war crimes. that's right, war crimes. the latest on the violins and soois fire talks live from the region next on "now."
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we're doing this for one simple reason, the people in the palestinian territories and people in israel are all living under the threat or reality of immediate violence. this needs to end for everybody. we need to find a way forward that works. it's not violence. >> that was secretary of state john kerry speaking earlier today from the west bank where he met with head of the top party mahmoud abbas as part of an effort to reach an immediate cease-fire between israel and hamas. secretary kerry met with benjamin netanyahu in tel aviv before.
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returning to cairo where cease-fire operations will resume. leader khalid said hamas would only accept cease-fire if blockade on gaza changed. ground fighting broke out between hamas troops and militants. 49 palestinians killed according to gaza ministry of health. hamas continued firing rockets into israel, 70 so far today and with an extended warning to the faa for international airport. all a u.s. flights banned from flying to and from tel aviv. top human rights official said there's a strong possible israel and hamas committed war crimes over the past two weeks. u.n. released a statement with a startling statistic over the past two days one child has been killed in gaza every hour. joining me by phone from gaza city vice news producer daniel gold. daniel, i'd like to ask right off the bat, obviously we get
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reports of death toll increasing in the streets of gaza. what did you see today? >> today like any other day here. you go out on the streets, airstrikes, people digging out from the rubble, bodies being removed and the hospital. you don't have to look for for this. you drive out in the neighborhoods. someone will tell us, an airstrike there. an airstrike here. it's pretty constant, the neighborhood affected. gaza city is considered one of the more safe areas. >> daniel, one thing i wanted to ask you, you see this sort of desire for cease-fire among palestinians but hamas says they won't move forward until the blockade is lifted. i'm reading other reports. what you have is, "we'd rather die on our feet than live on our knees. we're not going to stop the fighting 9/11 we have something
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better than the status quo. we don't want to return to status quo. from what you see on the ground talking, where is the split, do people want it over with, willing to die not return to the status quo with the blockade. >> most of the people -- everyone's idea, hamas visible presence don't see them out there, underground, fighting on the front lines which we can't get to. people are ready for this to be over. i don't know what their cancer are but they are tired of living like this. people coming out to the streets every day when they weren't before because it wasn't safe but now they are sick of being cooped up. it's quite unbearable for people. people are displaced. people living in the corridor of the hospital because it's the only safe place to be. i don't think anyone here wants violence to continue. i also don't think they want to keep living as they have been living the last two years. i can't gauge if they are willing to die for it right now. but they don't want the tat us quo of how it was the past two years and they don't want the
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shelling to continue. >> a solution to placate both of those is the difficult thing. thanks so much for your reporting. we appreciate it. stay safe. joining me from aspen institute, director and president of woodrow wilson center jane harmon. she joins us now. mrs. harmon, thank you so much for being on the program. i want to read a bite and get your commit. many see it as cyclical, hamas will regroup and rise again after the israeli offensive ends. wash, rinse, repeat. metaphor describing the conflict, this operation is one more round of mowing the lawn. the grass will keep growing back. what can john kerry do when he faces these types of conditions. negotiations, to start the negotiations, both sides can't even agree to. >> well, i applaud john kerry for going back to the region.
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his energy and passion unflagging. it's important for the u.s. to be present. what can he do? he's going to talk to the egyptians. i think he may be going to cairo. they are in a better position to be an intermediary for the cease-fire. the quote you read is too cynical to me. let me say first of all, hamas started this, not israel. it is true the murders of the three israelis and retaliatory murder, none of which is excusable but hamas continues this and continues to put citizens in front of missiles. israel on the other hand uses missile defense system to protect its citizens. so i think hamas started this because its power was flagging, and i don't see a next act for hamas once its over. i do see a next act for palestinian people. i hope mahmoud abbas, who is the
1:23 pm
man john kerry is meeting with, head of fatah, palestinian authority, will be empowered here and will be able to cut a deal that will allow more access after the violence stops and will allow safety for israelis. this is about safety. i would hope two-state negotiations would resume at some point. that is the best outcome would would expect. this is not about hamas continuing power indefinitely. its behavior is i think completely inexcusable. >> you touch upon something very important, abbas has been weakened in the past due to hamas, tried to work government, not too fond but did not work in the capacity as a result you see this conflict. i'll move through, extrapolate a little on that, though. hamas seems to engage here in this option zero. obviously high unemployment all throughout these areas of
1:24 pm
palestine. you saw power on for eight hours, sewage sometimes in the street. hamas's only option was to go on a full on military strike with the hope they can bend the blockade and perhaps bring them some sort of political victory here. is that their only option here and how can they be brought to the table politically? >> well, they are a terrorist movement. they have been certainly listed as that by our government. they use violence to get the means to get what they want. fatah is a nonviolent movement and they are the folks we've been talking to. hamas has a better option. they can renounce their charter which calls not just for the elimination of israel but the elimination of jews anywhere in the world. you mentioned their leader, he's not even there in the midst of that war being perpetrated on palestinian citizens. he's in the -- i think he's in
1:25 pm
doha, cuqatar in a safe haven. go figure. is that really who you want your leader to be? my view is if hamas were to renounce vile en, embrace the conditions of the quartet to enter into a peaceful negotiation with fatah and israel, circumstances would change, could change and i hope would change for those people unfortunately subject to rule by this terrorist organization. >> woodrow center's jane harman, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, luke. coming up michele bachmann may be preparing to exit stage right from congress but now word the minnesota republican may dip her toes in the 2016 waters. details on that next only on "now." starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve...
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. welcome back to "now." second time is the charm? outgoing congresswoman and former presidential candidate michele bachmann recently said she's considering a second run at the white house. in an interview with real clear politics, bachmann fanning media flame saying, quote, the only thing media speculated on is that it's going to be various men that are running. they haven't speculated, for instance, that i'm going to run. what if i decide to run. there is a chance i could run. at this point bachmann's odds at the nomination are slim. why is she running? do as you do in these gop races, follow the money. "washington post" speculating a run from bachmann would be more of a business decision making her, quote, a far more attractive speaking for a trade association or a corporation or to push a new book, perhaps, with all that media attention
1:30 pm
with the 24/7 curiosity about presidential debates. maybe it is political. quote, like with anything else practice makes perfect bachmann said in the interview. i think if a person has gone through the process, citing her 15 presidential debates, it's easy to a person's improvement going through that. given the date, it might seem she has a little to improve on in 2016. >> i introduced light bulb freedom of choice act so people could purchase the light bulb of their choice. >> as president, would you be sub missive to your husband? >> what submission means to us, if that's what your question is, is respect. he put us in libya, now in africa. we should look to iraq and libya to reimburse us for part of what we have done to liberate these
1:31 pm
nations. just ahead this afternoon marco rubio made his pitch in the family values during a key speech at the university. will social issues help or hurt the republican senator heading into 2016. wants to get into that field i'll ask michael steele and patricia murphy next on "now." [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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1:34 pm booking.yeah! i promise you before the speech is over i'll be attacked as a hater or bigot of anti-gay. this intolerance with tolerance. supporting marriage with one man and woman is not anti-gay it's pro traditional marriage. if support for traditional marriage is bigotry, then barack obama was a bigot before the 2012 election.
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>> whoa, marco rubio trying to get into that 2016 discussion. there he was speaking earlier this afternoon in the catholic university of america launching full throated defense of social conservative values. rubio argued those that support traditional marng like hem receives, abortion, while deeply personal issue, it's been settled by science. >> those who argue that it's a woman's right to make that choicepoint out it's the woman who carries the preg nanny, her alone that faces the risk of childbirth. too often it's her alone that has to provide for and raise the child. but there's another view to be considered, too. for there is undeniably another person involved in this as well, the unborn child. this is not a statement of faith, it is a matter of medical science. >> joining me now from
1:36 pm
washington, d.c. is former rnc chairman michael steele and atlanta co-founder and "daily beast" contributor patricia murphy my old colleague on the hill. michael steele, i've got to start with you. marco rubio, come back to the front of the room. we have been talking about ted cruz rand paul, chris christie, jeb bush and here is marco rubio saying don't forget about me. i was one of the hottest names around for a very long time. at the very least i'm going to be involved in the conversation to get on the ticket if nothing else. making a real play to evangelical and social family values with conservatives. this is to make up for role in comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed this year. marco rubio saying loudly don't forget about me. mike? >> there's a little of that. a declaration about this statement of what we believe in.
1:37 pm
oftentimes republicans get deemed on what they are against. here marco has defined what we're for, the idea of the family value if you will. it's a lot about 2016, getting back in the room, clearing a little dance space on the floor a little bit and i think he did it very well. he was clear. he was not angry, belligerent as we've heard voices in the past be. i thought he sort of laid out the declaration for those values very succinctly and very appropriately. >> parishia, one thing that he sort of alluded to, which i found fascinating, he played the victim card to a degree. i want to play a little clip of that. >> today there is a growing intolerance on the issue, intolerance towards those who continue to support traditional marriage. >> that is just red meat served
1:38 pm
up on a platter for god, guts and guns crowd that want to hear that kind of message. marco rubio really pushing that with the right wing, really help in a primary vote. >> yeah. well, it's the same party of mitt romney that said 47% of americans consider themselves victims and that's why they are on publicist answer. there is this bell ringing for conservatives who they don't feel like this is the country they grew up in. this is a country changing so fast they don't recognize it anymore. social issues is a big part of that and gay marriage is a big part of that. for marco rubio religious ringing of the bell saying i feel the way you do. it's a shame for marco rubio. he could be such a fresh face, a fresh voice, i felt like what he was saying -- there's nothing wrong with the values he holds, but the way it's talking about it is cookie cupertinoer and
1:39 pm
vintage. he accused hillary clinton of sounding like a candidate of '90s. i don't hear forward thinking for marco rubio just checking the box for iowa. >> i want to push that point with you. i found this fascinating he went down this road. when i was out in iowa in 2012 i met so many young people, you know what, we trust mitt romney but doesn't want my friends to get married to people if they are same sex. that resonate add lot. there is a poll, abc news "washington post" same-sex marriage united states support 56%, opposed 38%. does this run the risk of being very problematic should he get onto that ticket in 2016? >> it's not whether marco rubio gets on the ticket or not. part and parcel of our platform and what we value as conservatives in the country. so what's more forward thinking? i don't know what that would mean, agreeing with what
1:40 pm
patricia said or agreeing with those who support gay marriage. marco and others are very clearly saying there's some of us who don't happen to agree on this idea of gay marriage, so we want to articulate that principle, say what it is. we're not against those who are for it, against those who are gay but on this issue this is a value point we assess. again, as he said in the speech, luke, let the states work this out. the states are working this out. it's working its way through our court system and state legislatures. the country will decide what it wants to be on this but doesn't diminish your ability to have a different view. >> your state of georgia where you are, how does this play, real quickly, the changing electorate there? >> it's a changing electorate. i think in the short-term, short gain this is where marco rubio needs to be for a conservative base in the south. there's not a lot of evolution on the issues in the conservative base down here. i think when you talk about the longer game 2020, that's when
1:41 pm
democrats think these issues and demographic changes start to catch up with the republican party even in a state like georgia. >> that you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up as nfl training camps open this week around the country, the campaign to change the name of the league d.c. franchise picked up a significant supporter. details straight ahead only on now. woooo. i know what you're thinking. you're thinking beneful. [announcer]and why wouldn't he be? beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. it has carbohydrates for energy and protein for those serious muscles. [guy] aarrrrr! [announcer]even accents of vitamin-rich veggies. [guy] so happy! you love it so much. yes you do! but it's good for you,too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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reagan with market wrap. >> stocks going into tomorrow, mixed trading session on wall street. dow closed down nearly 27 points. that tech heavy nasdaq gained 17. like you mentioned benchmark s&p 500 adding three points for a record high. cnbc, first in business worldwide. ♪ during the cadillac summer's best event, lease this all new 2014 cts for around $459 a month or purchase with 0% apr and make this the summer of style. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat,
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the largest wildfire in the history of washington continues to rip through the state today growing do over 250,000 acres or 400 square miles. yesterday evening officials estimated 16% had been contained. the national weather service warned. flash floods, almost 10 minutes to trigger rain on a slope that has become unstable from wildfires. this comes just months after flooding caused a mudslide in osso, washington that claim 43
1:49 pm
lives. fundraising visit, president obama announced emergency declaration for certain parts of the state. he was also blunt about the root cause of the devastation. what is clear is tread lines indicate the potential for increased forest fires. and a lot has to do with drought, a lot has to do with changing precipitation patterns and a lot of that has to do with climate change. not holding back from president obama. joining me founding editor of climate progress and science adviser for emmy nominated tv series "years of living dangerously." executive director of the sierra club. michael, i'll start with you, how significant was it for president obama to say that yesterday and really sort of draw a line in the sand explicitly mentioning what so many people know backed by science. >> very significant. first let me say thoughts of sierra club are with the people being affected by these fires.
1:50 pm
i was in washington last week. the smoke is so thick you can practically taste it. the reason why what the president said is so important, this is the new normal, all these extreme weather events, fires, flood whos droughts. not just in washington but across the country. what the president is trying to do, he's trying to be clear about what he's trying to do with clean power plant, his plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants and separate himself from a lot of republicans in congress who are refusing to take any action. >> joe, i want to ask you why has 2014 been so bad? i was out on assignment in los angeles earlier this year. it didn't rain for two months. it was an odd thing to be part of it why is it so bad the last two years. a lot of people said that that had been there a lot of years, it's strange for two months. >> there's a big weather front
1:51 pm
off the coast of california and up to canada that has been redirecting weather. it's been keeping rain away from california and bringing, going to alaska and coming down and bringing cooler weather. even though may and june hottest on record worldwide, east coast cool, west coast hot. there are some scientists who believe that that is actually connected to climate change. it's connected to the loss of arctic ice, which changed the direction of the jet stream. normally the jet stream is driven by the hot in the south and cold in the north. if the north gets less cold because it's got all this exposed water, that weakens the jet stream and weather patterns can get stuck more often. >> michael, i want to go back to you, is it something of an issue starting to see the american citizenry reach a position that is further from where the politicians who opposed this are.
1:52 pm
if you look at this recent stanford poll 73% of americans believe climate change is happening. you presume 73%, a lunch of them are conservative and republican. why is the republican party so slow to move in this direction? david cameron and conservative wing in the uk have already embraced climate change and realized it's a possibility. >> first, sierra club has chapters in every state. i talk to our members in oklahoma, kansas, as well as on both coasts and northern part of the country and the south. we're finding everybody is talking about how the weather is changing, climate is changing. in some places pretty quickly, some places more slowly. we also have members very progressive and others very conservative but they know things are changing. i think that what's happening, the good news here, is that there is a lot of change happening at the grassroots. the thing a lot of folks don't know about, most of the clean energy that's installed in the united states is installed in
1:53 pm
red strikts. more than strikts. 70% in republican districts. i think republican party is going to have to change on this. only question whether it takes two months or two years or two decades before they follow the science and get engaged. >> joe, i think now more than ever, you do feel there are implications as climate change, whether something as mundane people in california getting fined how much they water their line or whether or not you realize it's a lot hotter than it used to be. it's anecdotal and backed up by science. do you think we've reached that tipping point in 2014 or a few years away it's an accepted thing this is happening and we must adapt to survive? >> i think there's definitely been a quantum change driven by extreme weather. for some it was hurricane sandy and the staggering storm surge. i think people need to experience it. unfortunately a lot of people are experiencing it in different ways. whether it's the heat causing drought or whether it is the
1:54 pm
higher sea levels making storm surge or warm air carrying more moisture causing more deluges. absolutely people are starting to notice it. i think you're seeing the shift and i think the president's remarks reflect there is this change in perception. >> we'll see if it spurs action. probably not in the midterm election. that you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. after the break, few sports teams more steeped in history will talk about things next. where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come. get out there, with over 50,000 hotels at $150 dollars or less. expedia. find yours.
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that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve.. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if frustration and paperwork decrease... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. 6. many major prominent figures in sports called for the national league football team not named here to change their name. they have been native american leaders, civil rights groups, sports broadcasters and 50 united states senators. even a president of the united states said last year that he would, quote, think about changing the name if he were the
1:58 pm
owner. but that list hasn't included anyone so closely associated with the team itself until now. as "the washington post" report today jordan wright the granddaughter of former redskins owner george preston marshall told leonard shapiro, quote, they need to change the name. in this day and age, it's just not right. why is wright's statement one in a growing course of calls to change the name so significant? because her grandfather didn't just own the team he named it. in 1983 he changed from boston braves to its current one to avoid confusion with the franchise in boston. four years later moved to washington. july 5th article marshall said, quote, so much confusion caused by our football team wearing the same name as the boston national league baseball club that a change and to be absolutely necessary. marshall never explained why he chose a native american slur though he was no stranger to racism. for 30 years he renufd to sign
1:59 pm
african-american players to the franchise. it wasn't until attorney robert f. kennedy threatened to revoke the lease that he agreed and drafted a man that refused to play. times have changed an so should the franchise. i'll say this, it's quite simple. become warriors, washington warriors, alliteration lives there. difference the native american logo, go back to the 1960s. if you do that, the issue goes away. get this, the fight song still works, "hail to the warriors" i won't sing it all if it's someday changes to warriors. see you tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. eastern. "the ed show" is next. lets get to work. >> good evening, americans, welcome to the he had show live from new york. i'm ready to go. lets get to work.
2:00 pm
>> the president has to be more engaged. >> drill baby drill. >> what is the united states going to do to prepare for a future with renewable energy. will the united states become engaged providing energy needs for europe. >> there's a crude oil ban that he could lift tomorrow. >> economic dependence particularly with regard to energy. >> germany build offshore wind farm. >> still need to drill baby drill. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. it was just a couple nights ago on this broadcast i said that republicans would take any chance to make the casey for big oil. drill baby drill. more, more, more. it took 48 hours. republicans just simply refused to give up on their crusade to make big oil companies even


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